May 30, 2007

Dazed and Confused.

Just came back from Pinkberry. Regular medium with raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

Saw Jenniferawrrr there as well with her sister. Today was tiring. I swear I was moving 24/7 today at school even during lunch. I had to meet with my counselor, turn in apps, etc. Next year's schedule's looking tough. Adv orchestra, Calculus BC AP, Biology 2AP, Chemistry 2AP, US History AP, French 3 Honors, English 3 Honors, and Scientific Research. Augh, and the summer assignment for US History AP's gay.
Anyways, I hate talking about school. Conditioning today was funfunfun as usual cause I love my girls. And some of the guys. Hah. My cat just joined me on the bed.

Yesssir that's my gorgeous Nathan at the vet's. Yeahyeahyeah. Guess who I get to hang with on Sunday. The amazing Lauren. Although she only lives minutes away in Torrance, I never see her face. That's why we're crashing a party or two on Sunday together. Hah. Jk. We'd never do such a thing. Anywhoo.

Lauren, June, and Amy @ Homecoming `06 seems like forever ago. but it was actually this school year. Didn't we have fun. Especially at my house before& after and of course the dance was amazing as usual.
Lalala. That's it for now. I shall update if something significant happens in my life in the next 7 hours remaining in the day. Ciao, bella.


jackie ♥ said...


i miss that girl.

next time you see her tell her that we should chill sometimes. :)

Amy said...

sure thing!
i`ll tell her sunday ;D

*erin darcel* said...

yo amy!

*erin darcel* said...

i'm cool. preparing myself for finals... are you going to prom?

*erin darcel* said...

i got asked a couple times. but i didnt really want to go w/ the person who asked me

*erin darcel* said...

HOORAY! summer is almost here.=)