July 30, 2007

Fly Away, Fly Away

Intense weekend.
Saturday, I had tutor, and then after, went to Lauren's sweet sixteeeeeeen. We took a charter bus to Melrose Ave., on the way discussing shops and sales and such. We got off and everyone split into groups, and Lauren and I decided to shop together. We went to a lot of shops, like the Wasteland and Lotta, and Kendo, American Vintage, etc. We even saw Nick Cannon in this ghetto shop. It was super hot but hanging out with just Lauren when I hadn't seen her since the end of last year was amazing! Then we called and met up with Alyssa who had to come late and then we went to Creatures of Comfort, my favorite store. They had a cute selection of Repetto flats and oxfords, as well as A.P.C. dresses and Eley Kishimoto clothing. Lauren and I got matching totes with maps on them; I got Los Angeles and she got San Francisco. At checkout, she needed a penny so I gave her one, and then when I checked out, I ended up a penny short so she had to look for a penny for me. Haha. Then we raced back to the bus because we were late [i will never forget the 5 block run on melrose avenue with flats on and people screaming "no running on the streets" and alyssa's "fuck you"] and headed for Sushi Hiroba. We had like literally 7 appetizers before the entree so I ended up taking home a lot of food. Lauren's cake was gorgeous and so was her Lauren Moffatt dress! Our table, with Brian, Daniel, Alyssa, Lauren, and me, was crazy and fun toooooo and we had a really good time. Ahhh I'm gonna miss those kids until I see them again. On the way home on the bus, Lauren opened her presents and we all had some good laughs. What a fun day.

Sunday, I had a violin masterclass and did considerably better than the one on Friday. Even got some compliments and did better than the other boy who will be in my competition category next saturday. After the masterclass, the people that knew each other really well went out to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen!! People that went wereeee: Anita, moi, Patricia, Sarah, Lydia, Rachel, and Ashley. We didn't order that much but we talked A LOT. We had discussions about everything from gelato to shaved ice. Then it was picture time and everyone got their phones/cameras out. It took us like an hour to figure out the bill but it was all good. Then we wished everyone good luck on their competition and hopefully we can meet again the day after the competition holding trophies. Got home and Josephine called me out of sheer boredom and occupied an hour of my life. We had a weird conversation as usual.

Next Sunday, Lauren and I get to meet at Melrose to continue our shopping at the Way We Wore, Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith, Kidrobot, etc etc. Je t'aime, mon amie!

July 21, 2007

Don't Stop

Today was lotsa fun. In the morning I had tutor, but afterwards, my parents took me to Costa Mesa. I first went to the Lab and went shopping. I ended up picking up a couple dresses and a vest at Buffalo Exchange and a Vita snake bangle at Habit. My mom got a dress from Thousands Elsewhere, where I saw the most gorgeous Morphine Generation dress. A bit above my price range, though. Urban was fun to look at but nothing really I wanted... Stopped by ARTH and looked at all their Eugenia Kim stuff which was very cute. Blends had a lot of cool limited edition sneakers as usual and Carve and Harlow were boring. Got a drink at the Gypsie Den, and then left the Lab. We went to the Camp right across the street and hung around there and then went to this japanese market. After that we went to Crystal Cove to watch the sunset and grab dinner. The view was fab as usual and I especially loved it cause I hadn't been there in a while. It would have been nice if we ate at Zinc like we always do but it was closed. Drove home listening to the Libertines. Nothing like a day in OC to make me smile (= Gotta get Lauren's present soon.. Her sweet sixteen party's just around the corner!

The entrance sign at the Lab with "anti-mall" on it [:

Vita snake bangles. I only got one though.

Crystal Cove..

July 17, 2007

Bing Bang

I'm tired.
I think I'm gonna hang out at the Lab over the weekend. Hopefully. Habana's food is rather heavenly so I want to go.
Sonic youth is performing at Urban Outfitters Santa Monica and I have tickets but I'm too lazy to go. They were free and anyone can print them online here. Klaxons are all the way over in the Chicago Urban Outfitters. Darn. Missed them at the El Rey but whatever.
The Brazilian Girls concert is coming up. I'm excited. Sabina Sciubba in person. Wow. I wonder if she'll cover her eyes up in some ridiculous costume as usual. Haha.
Seeeee you @ the Lab!

July 6, 2007

They Built Paradise

The last few days were a jumble.
Fourth of July was amazing. Went up to Santa Barbara with some chums& went to the beach, went SHOPPING, danced on the streets, and ate a lot of fooood. I bought the weirdest things @ SB. I got a medium highlighter pink henley and green spandex ribbed nylon leggings from American Apparel. I got a pair of funky Vans for twenty bucks. Thenn I got a big gold necklace from Anthropologie and a pair of rose colored Seven jeans from Saks. Needless to say, I'm weird.

Yesterdayyy I just stayed home and barbequed/swam in my backyard all day. Today, I was at research and then went grocery shopping. Funfunfun summer days.