July 17, 2007

Bing Bang

I'm tired.
I think I'm gonna hang out at the Lab over the weekend. Hopefully. Habana's food is rather heavenly so I want to go.
Sonic youth is performing at Urban Outfitters Santa Monica and I have tickets but I'm too lazy to go. They were free and anyone can print them online here. Klaxons are all the way over in the Chicago Urban Outfitters. Darn. Missed them at the El Rey but whatever.
The Brazilian Girls concert is coming up. I'm excited. Sabina Sciubba in person. Wow. I wonder if she'll cover her eyes up in some ridiculous costume as usual. Haha.
Seeeee you @ the Lab!


jackie ♥ said...


im missing sonic at the greek :(:(:(

elli said...

nobody should miss klaxons or sonic youth,I´m sad for u :-(love to live in CA,too.alsways free gigs:)

Barb. said...

hey amy! have a great weekend ;)

Anonymous said...

un beso =)

Klatuu o embu├žado said...

Amy, You can find a translation tool on the right side of my blog - though it's a shitty one... ;)

Dark kiss.
P. S. If You like silly people - :) - dressed in black... go to my main blog: http://gothland666.blogspot.com/ - in this the translation tool works better, because it's a more literary blog... closer from the Portuguese padron known by google geeks... :)=

Klatuu o embu├žado said...

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