August 29, 2007

Drawing to a Close...

The end of summer is near! I had to go change my school schedule today and it took forever... I had to wait in the sun in a line for like three hours... But I got all the courses I wanted so atleast that worked out...
My mom was gone the whole day with her best friend so I had to get rides from my friends. My mom went to Melrose to eat and shop with her friend. When she came back, I was relieved to see that she didn't forget me. She stopped by Marc by Marc Jacobs on Melrose Ave. and got me a some things from the 2007 limited edition special items. She got my sister a canvas tote with the Marc by Marc Jacobs logo on it. It's the one on the left in the picture below.

As for me, I've been needing a wallet for a while, so she got me a metallic copper quilted wallet. She also got me two plastic bracelets with large circle beads, in orange and green.

School is starting next week, but my mom promised me she would take me to Melrose before then... And I'm also attending the Neighborhood Music Festival in downtown Los Angeles on September 29th. That should be exciting.

Today's label of the day is Wren, a relatively new brand.
With a mixture of vintage, elegance, quirk, and charm, Wren's clothing is for romantic "girls on the move". Head designer Melissa Coker has previously worked with Helmut Lang [one of my favorites!], Vogue, W, and Abercrombie&Fitch.

Wren is available at Opening Ceremony in NYC and LA.


i just bought the Le Pliage Poodle bag from the Jeremy Scott and Longchamp collaboration.
There are only a 100 available [until Jeremy Scott's winter line debuts in October with more bags] and can only be bought in Colette, Paris. So I had no choice but to get it from and pay about $50 for shipping. But hopefully it's worth it because I am a huge Jeremy Scott fan. Here's a picture:

August 27, 2007

Almost Famous

Hey everyone
please go check out Penelope's latest post-charmed life! She interviewed me for it! Go read it and tell her and me what you think!
Thanks for interviewing me, Penelope!
So tell me guys.
Do you hate me or love me?
ciao, bella!

August 24, 2007

I want rain.

Tired and don't have much time so quick post.
I went to the park today with my family. The weather was perfect- not too cold, not too warm.
My outfit was this: [sorry for the pictures- i had to take them by myself so i couldn't take them wearing the clothes... won't happen again, i promise!]
I went for the carefreeeeee look today, nothing polished or cinched, with the shorts high waisted and the loose tank tops.
On the inside, I wore a red limited edition organic cotton tank top from Nike. On top of that, I wore a Dolce&Gabbana tank top that I wear as a dress and tucked it inside of a pair of shorts from my mother's closet. Since the shorts were a bit too large, I wore an elastic belt by A Common Thread and didn't put it through the belt loops to keep it from looking too nerdy. For shoes, I chose a lady-like pair of Chanel heels [really small heels, almost flats!] because I thought it looked nice. Again, I apologize for the terrible pictures. (:

Yeahhhhhhh. I'm super excited for the Neighborhood Festival.
People performing include Crystal Castles, the Faint, Steve Aoki, and moreeeeee. And plus it's LA which means afterwards we can go partay. One thing I love about living in Los Angeles... Always somewhere to go!

My shirt came today!
The August Cobrasnake+RVCA shirt. I also got a buncha Cobrasnake& RVCA stickers. How fun. Lalala. I really want to get the purple Super+Caliroots limited editions but I don't know if I should... I already bought a bunch of stufff after payday. Blerghh.

August 20, 2007

Modern girls and old fashioned men

The title of today's post is the name of a song by the Strokes, only the best band on earth (: They are probably one of the biggest parts and influences of my life... Please release an album soon and go on tour!!!!
Lots of things I want to write about today so let's get started!!
Thursday, I got super long bangs...I think they turned out alright! Friday I was at a friend's sweet sixteen party...Saturday I was at Little Tokyo in Los Angeles to attend the annual Tofu Festival which was a lot of fun. I had a lot of tofu, too, and get this... I drank a tofu margarita. Needless to say, it was... nasty. Hahaha. Well, that concludes my "diary" and let's move on to the important stuff...

Today's designer of the day is Samantha Pleet!
Mixing a little bit of the dark and light, her clothing combines Gothic elements with modern concepts.

Her designs evokes playfulness and a little bit of the dark side and obviously are just plain gorgeous. I like these clothes so much I'm adding a few more looks from the Fall 2007 collection:

Be sure to check out for more beautiful pictures, information, and where to snag these pieces!

Recently, I've been obsessed with fine jewelry. Their timeless appeal allows them to be worn with almost anything without looking awkward and adds a touch of class to an outfit. One of my favorite jewelry brands creates almost all of its jewelry in solid gold without just plating or dipping in gold [a sign that you're getting your money's worth!].

Bittersweets NY makes bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and more, in simple yet disturbingly morbid ways. There are everything from vampire teeth rings and necklaces to earthworm bangles, beating heart charms and maggot bracelets. I'm not too big of a fan of umm morbid things but what sold me was these tiny letter rings. Available at and comes in three shades of gold [white, rose, and yellow]. They are customizable with letters and numbers [up to 4 i think, $8 for each additional] and are solid gold [explains the price for such a small thing]! Click on the picture for a bigger one because you can't really read what it says..

They're cute but it says on the website that you can "stack em up". I wonder who could afford to buy more than a couple of these... But it's a nice thought.

And I guess the rings were the item of the day but here's another one, just for variety's sake.
Sretsis has long been one of my favorite brands for its sweet, soft colored confections, and this jumpsuit really caught my attention [and it's on sale!]
It used to be $748 and now it's $374... Probably on sale because jumpers are a total summer thing and unless you live in Florida or California, it's pretty much a guaranteed stash away until next summer. Still a splurge but looks like it just may be worth it... Tell me what you think! And if you like it it's available here.

August 16, 2007

Merci, au revoir.

Designer of the day is... Tillmann Lauterbach!

He uses a soft color palette for his collections and concentrates on creating clothes that can be discovered from the inside [rough material on the outside, silk/cashmere on the inside].

His minimalistic yet still unbelievably chic clothing consists of gorgeous evening dresses and objects of everyday wear. Check it out at his website,!

So, tomorrow, I'm going to cut my hair... I'm going for Louise Basilien of the Plastiscines' look, with the super long bangs that cover her eyes. [you can see her in the current Urban Outfitters' campaign and catalog!] I hope it doesn't look too odd on me.. I just wanted to change my hair in some way so yeah (:

Item of the day today is stockings, socks, and knee socks from LA-based hosiery company, Hansel from Basel.
This is their full collection:

cute, I know. They come in gorgeous colors and designs and it's just as fun to wear them as it is to look at them... They're a lovely way to spice up an otherwise tame outfit in my opinion (:

Price: $18 [on sale online @ Creatures of Comfort!]

And for furniture lovers... I was looking through the Cath Kidston website's clearance section, and the Rose Maroc Gazebo from their catalog is on SALE!
Gorgeous... It's now:


so if you need a little something to spruce up your backyard, there you go!

August 12, 2007

Bonjour, mes amis

quick edit! my link has been changed to:! Merci!

oday's label of the day is French brand Heimstone!
With clothes in beautiful shades of brown and black, Heimstone's creations are delightfully romantic yet playful. You can wear this stuff during the day and change the look for night with the same dress! Graceful dresses, funky accessories, and even swimwear are a part of their collections which are available for purchase at Jumelle in NYC and Satine in LA.

So, this fall is all about the polished look. Looking through this month's Vogue, fall fashion takes a mature turn after a series of trends meant for the young such as skinny jeans and leggings. So we ask ourselves, what is a polished look and how can we pull it off?

Runways recently have been showcasing structured looks that aren't too complicated and very sleek. They involve dark colors and simple fabrics that support dressing up instead of down. Instead of mix and match, the new look for fall is having a pulled-together look and being complete.

This particular look from Elie Saab's Fall 2007 couture collection reflects several of the fashion world's current obsessions:


Here are some of my picks [from low to high prices!] for achieving the early fall trends:


Christian Louboutin Miss Fred Show Boots- $695.00

Made by Elves Oxford Heel- $88.00


Tory Burch Mercedes Trench- $1, 995.00


Delia's Audrey Solid Toggle- $88.50


Sang A Flash Clutch- $595.00


Devi Kroell for Target Goldtone Clutch- $19.99


Built By Wendy Chambray Ruffle Top- $158.00


Topshop Silk Ruched Sequined Bib- about $52


ChloƩ Wool Voile Dress- $1, 815.00


J. Crew Pinwale Cord Emma Dress- $120.00


Prada Glace Zippers Tote- $1, 490.00


Banana Republic Fillmore faux-snakeskin deep satchel- $248.00

So, that's it for today and I will update soon! Please leave me lots of feedback because I would love to know what you guys like/don't like so you can leave me a comment here or email me at Thanks and enjoy!

August 10, 2007

Still bangin'

Finally back from my trip to Vegas. All I did was shopping, really. I stayed at Bellagio, which is home to a number of fine shops such as Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, etc. And nearby was the Fashion Show Mall and Forum Shops I could walk to.. I've been to Vegas so many times now, I think I'm going to stop going for a while now. Stuff I got... I stocked up on cashmere sweaters from Ralph Lauren for the fall, in bright colors like yellow and blue. I bought basics like shirts and shorts from Ruehl. At Saks Fifth Avenue, I bought a navy Splendid tank top that I could wear 24/7 with anything. From Dolce & Gabbana, I bought a men's tank top from the Summer '07 collection in medium that I could wear as a dress. When I tried it on, it worked as a dress and a tank top so yeahh. I also bought a Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent brown velvet bolero to wear at formal events. And I think that's all I got.. I'm debating between these two necklaces to buy and I tried both of them on and couldn't decide...
this one's from Dior, in gold and with a diamond.

this one is tiffany & co and silver with a diamond.

Jewelry has never really been my thing, but I decided I needed something I could wear all the time... All these new clothes in my closet calls for vintage action! I'm going shopping with Lauren and Alyssa in Melrose Sunday! Kidrobot, the Way We Wore, Scout, Wasteland, Paul Smith... here I come!

Item of the day! Handmade sweatshirts from Shobo Shobo!
A splurge at $200 to $115 apiece, they are a graphic feast for the eye! They are created by Mehdi Hercberg and Andrea Crews in Paris, France. They come in black, purple, and black, with different designs in each color.

Available at Ooga Booga online store.

August 2, 2007

Say It With A Bang

Today, I decided to feature the fashion label House of Holland! House of Holland is currently consisted of several collections of shirts which feature fashion slogans such as "cause me pain hedi slimane", and "get yer freak on giles deacon". British rapper Lady Sovereign seems to be a fan of these shirts. Most shirts are about £35 and can be purchased here. They would go great with leggings and boots, a pair of skinnies, etc... Use your imagination!

Since I don't think I can post over the weekend [hopefully i can, though!] I will also post item of the day! Today's item of the day is...
Maptote! The brainchild of fashion stylist Rachel Rheingold and cartographer Michael Berick, they are a series of canvas totes in beige and black that features humorous maps of places such as Los Angeles, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Washington DC, etc.

At only $15 apiece, they are a chic bargain. I got my Los Angeles tote at Creatures of Comfort on Melrose Avenue [the online store is in my links section], but they can be bought directly from the Maptote online store, and many other places featured on their website. They carry a lot of stuff and are just as stylish as a designer handbag! You can also carry groceries with them, a great way to avoid use of plastic/paper bags...