August 24, 2007

I want rain.

Tired and don't have much time so quick post.
I went to the park today with my family. The weather was perfect- not too cold, not too warm.
My outfit was this: [sorry for the pictures- i had to take them by myself so i couldn't take them wearing the clothes... won't happen again, i promise!]
I went for the carefreeeeee look today, nothing polished or cinched, with the shorts high waisted and the loose tank tops.
On the inside, I wore a red limited edition organic cotton tank top from Nike. On top of that, I wore a Dolce&Gabbana tank top that I wear as a dress and tucked it inside of a pair of shorts from my mother's closet. Since the shorts were a bit too large, I wore an elastic belt by A Common Thread and didn't put it through the belt loops to keep it from looking too nerdy. For shoes, I chose a lady-like pair of Chanel heels [really small heels, almost flats!] because I thought it looked nice. Again, I apologize for the terrible pictures. (:

Yeahhhhhhh. I'm super excited for the Neighborhood Festival.
People performing include Crystal Castles, the Faint, Steve Aoki, and moreeeeee. And plus it's LA which means afterwards we can go partay. One thing I love about living in Los Angeles... Always somewhere to go!

My shirt came today!
The August Cobrasnake+RVCA shirt. I also got a buncha Cobrasnake& RVCA stickers. How fun. Lalala. I really want to get the purple Super+Caliroots limited editions but I don't know if I should... I already bought a bunch of stufff after payday. Blerghh.


Alexa said...

Oh! I love the new cobra snake shirt. I think I might have to get one myself :]

and i looove the cherokee tank!

miss *ann said...

hey, did u get that hair cut? i wanna see pics. haha.

Jennifer said...

I love all th eclothes you got especially the chanel shoes, lucky fuck;) xoxo

seasideindanger said...

loooove that cobrasnake tshirt!!! i want it.

Lauren Jin said...

Hey! :D commenting! Love how you put the pictures in! I'd never do that! lols :D The Chanel Shoes are Too CUTE! :D

coco said...

i love those shoes they are so chic

Kira Fashion said...

Your look to the park is so confortabele and cool!

and that Chanel shoes, i wish i have one! hehehe

a kiss

discothequechic said...

love the Cobrasnake tee.

Very cool!

S xx

cotton candy said...

THAT is a hot shirt!!

rockandvogue said...

kiss girl. the cobrasnake`s shirts is amazing. byee