August 20, 2007

Modern girls and old fashioned men

The title of today's post is the name of a song by the Strokes, only the best band on earth (: They are probably one of the biggest parts and influences of my life... Please release an album soon and go on tour!!!!
Lots of things I want to write about today so let's get started!!
Thursday, I got super long bangs...I think they turned out alright! Friday I was at a friend's sweet sixteen party...Saturday I was at Little Tokyo in Los Angeles to attend the annual Tofu Festival which was a lot of fun. I had a lot of tofu, too, and get this... I drank a tofu margarita. Needless to say, it was... nasty. Hahaha. Well, that concludes my "diary" and let's move on to the important stuff...

Today's designer of the day is Samantha Pleet!
Mixing a little bit of the dark and light, her clothing combines Gothic elements with modern concepts.

Her designs evokes playfulness and a little bit of the dark side and obviously are just plain gorgeous. I like these clothes so much I'm adding a few more looks from the Fall 2007 collection:

Be sure to check out for more beautiful pictures, information, and where to snag these pieces!

Recently, I've been obsessed with fine jewelry. Their timeless appeal allows them to be worn with almost anything without looking awkward and adds a touch of class to an outfit. One of my favorite jewelry brands creates almost all of its jewelry in solid gold without just plating or dipping in gold [a sign that you're getting your money's worth!].

Bittersweets NY makes bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and more, in simple yet disturbingly morbid ways. There are everything from vampire teeth rings and necklaces to earthworm bangles, beating heart charms and maggot bracelets. I'm not too big of a fan of umm morbid things but what sold me was these tiny letter rings. Available at and comes in three shades of gold [white, rose, and yellow]. They are customizable with letters and numbers [up to 4 i think, $8 for each additional] and are solid gold [explains the price for such a small thing]! Click on the picture for a bigger one because you can't really read what it says..

They're cute but it says on the website that you can "stack em up". I wonder who could afford to buy more than a couple of these... But it's a nice thought.

And I guess the rings were the item of the day but here's another one, just for variety's sake.
Sretsis has long been one of my favorite brands for its sweet, soft colored confections, and this jumpsuit really caught my attention [and it's on sale!]
It used to be $748 and now it's $374... Probably on sale because jumpers are a total summer thing and unless you live in Florida or California, it's pretty much a guaranteed stash away until next summer. Still a splurge but looks like it just may be worth it... Tell me what you think! And if you like it it's available here.


Kira Fashion said...

amazing looks, models, hairs and everything more! a
kiss and a hug!!!

Klatuu o embu├žado said...

Those at the beginning are very nice.
Don't you know about gothic fashion? :)

Dark kiss.

seasideindanger said...

those photos are really cool
and the outfits too

Kira Fashion said...

Thanks for passing back!!!

a kiss and a hug!

Jessica said...

I have been a huge fan of Samantha Pleet for a while. Her pictures and collection are quirky and exactly up my alley.

I can't wait to see how she interprets Fall

Gloria said...

I have to say, I rather do like your blog... great taste!

am loving the tie-neck blouse for fall...I bought a vintage silk dusky purple one the other day at a thrift shop.

Alexa said...

love the strokes. and now Bittersweets. especially the bracelets and necklaces.

I'm glad your bangs turned out, too :]

penelope said...

wow the clothes and bangles are fab!!!!

anyhow thanks for d comment!!
i havent seen pull off those jellies but owell, i'll just haf to wait and see=p


Exlpore Wisdom said...

Really Cool.

Wow impressive images.
Suitably placed. I have bookmarked your blog.

dusk&summer said...

Thank you for sharing this designer with us. I love this collection, the clothes and photography!

penelope said...

hey amy! i'm actually thinking about doing a post abt uptown girls and u seem lyk the perfect alternative person i;m looking for!!

if u're interested, pls email me at

thanks a million!!! it'll be fab if u agreed!!


discothequechic said...

I like the Samantha P stuff, some of the pieces remind me of Biba, but with a modern twist.

Hmmm. S xx

discothequechic said...

I like the Samantha P stuff, some of the pieces remind me of Biba, but with a modern twist.

Hmmm. S xx

E. Lally said...

i looove that sort of style!!

ambika said...

Oh, those are gorgeous pictures. Especially love those ribbed tights in dark red.

Fashion Tidbits said...

Nice tights!