December 28, 2007

Best of 2007

Hello, wow it's been forever since my last post! Things have been busy busy busy here in LA. Today I'd like to wrap up 2007 with a list of some of the best designers of the year!


Oh, how I love this man. He made his mark not too long ago with a collection full of vibrant colors, and varying textures and now his name's on everyone's lips... Stay tuned for more of Chris Benz!


Headed by Alexa Adams and Flora Gill, readers of fashion fleur will remember one of my older posts that covered this scene duo.


How can I even begin to describe Lorick? A clash of old-age elegance and modern sophistication, designer Abigail Lorick delivers her best with stunning and eye-grabbing pieces.


Robert Geller may only tailor to men, but I couldn't resist but mention him because I would gladly help myself to his pieces. Refined and cool, it's possibly one of the best menswear labels out there.


Heimstone is a true favorite of mine, perhaps because of the soft colors and the feminine designs that also evoke femme fatale! With a mix of light and dark, and a dash of playful charm, who can resist?


Headed by a former model for the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Stine Goya turns her knack for style into the label Stine Goya, with funky pieces flaunting exploding prints. Taking things to new heights with daring experimentation, Goya has the heart of a true designer. We can only watch and wait to see what she will come up with next.

Item[s] of the day:

Hannah Clark saint pendants!

• St. Grandmaster Flash: "Patron Saint of the wheels of steel."
• St. Trotsky: "Revolutions are always verbose."
• St. Sartre: "l'enfer c'ests autres." (Translation: Hell is other people)
• St. Jack (Kerouac): "My witness is the empty sky."
• St. Miles (Davis): "Play what's not there."
• St. Woody (Guthrie): "Take it easy but take it."

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I hope everyone enjoyed 2007! See you in 2008!

xx Amy