September 1, 2008

Back At Last

Hello friends!
I have been super busy with so many different things I haven't been able to update for the longest time! I started another blog for fun @ and also started my very own online shop on etsy @! At the right column of this blog are just some of the items available. Click and show some love!

Here are some must haves for the season grace à refinery29:


Above, from left:
3.1 Phillip Lim Lace-up Tunic Dress, $295, available at La Garçonne.
Sophomore Short-Sleeve Henley, $65, available at Opening Ceremony.
JF And Son Hibiscus Georgette Blouse, $233, available through JF And Son.


Above, from left:
Wren Skating Skirt, about $275, available at Mick Margo and Thistle & Clover.
A.P.C. Corduroy Full Skirt, $200, available at A.P.C. and La Garçonne.
Karen Walker Wool Full Skirt, $365, available at Creatures of Comfort.


Above, from left:
Current/Elliott Boyfriend Jean, $229, pre-order at Shop Intuition.
Rogan Sovereign Jean, $278, available at La Garçonne.
J. Crew Distressed Vintage Slim Jeans, $135, available at J.Crew.

Above, from left:
Urban Renewal Shrunken Flannel, $48, available at Urban Outfitters.
Built By Wendy Flannel Backward Shirt, $176, available at Built By Wendy.
Steven Alan Reverse Seam Shirt, $158, available at Steven Alan.

Check refinery29 for even more!


My new muse, both for her music and style: El Perro Del Mar


And this is kinda late but the Cazals+Andre+Lou Doillon music video is pretty cute. My favorite three things in one.



It's the music video for Cazals' Somebody Somewhere, and features Andre's famous cartoon character Monsieur A and Lou Doillon dancing on the streets of Paris. And by the way is Andre still engaged to Uffie? Anyways check out the video here:


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