April 1, 2008

Emerge from nothing

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Oh how I love spring. However, I must admit, the weather right now in Los Angeles is very un-springish. It's more like blerrrrgghhh!! I got a website!! Right now it's in its preliminary stages but we're getting there... check it out at www.hanuichoi.com. I hope to have some stuff added soon.
Also take some time to browse through my playlist on the right top corner.. I try to keep it up-to-date with my favorite musicians. Currently it includes YELLE, Fischerspooner, Uffie, Sebastien Tellier, Hot Chip, HEARTSREVOLUTION, Feist, The Gossip, The Clientele, Spank Rock, Chromeo, The Presets, and of course, SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO. My blogger profile page (accessible through this link) also has a list of my favorite musical talents.

*Don't hesitate to contact me in any way to talk about stuff...and advice/suggestions are appreciated. I'm down for conversations any time any day. Music, art, fashion, partying, advice, politics, you name it.. Let's converse. You can reach me through any of the ways as listed on my website.

Here's a designer that's recently been making the headlines:


Wow just take a look at those colors.. Very vibrant, very fresh, almost reminiscent of Karen Walker's lovely confections. Thuy Diep, and her label THUY, has delighted the fashion world with perfect tailoring, layering, bold colors, and asymmetry. Diep honed her talents at Parsons and just recently launched her NYC-based line with a fall 2008 collection.

Coming from generations of Vietnamese tailors, she tries her best to put creativity, thought, and effort into her pieces, incorporating much of the personal connection that designers of the past had with their pieces. Hard work is evident through the abundance of carefully cut fabric and perfectly aligned seams. She takes an organic approach to both design and tailoring, making Diep one of the most exciting new comers to watch for in the coming months.

I've never paid much attention to the art of shoe designing, but this new label has me obsessed. Keller, the brainchild of designer Kelly Clark, consists of gorgeous and well-made shoes that make you want to walk on your hands instead of your feet. Soft colors and timeless designs make Keller a definite keeper.

Label Velour, hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, is a fashion maven's dream come true. It's where indie hipster vibes converge with ultra haute couture looks--something we've all been waiting for. Take a look at these pictures and tell me.. could they be the next big thing?

To me
Velour represents a contradiction.. casual chic and runway looks unite to create a label both stylish yet street-smart. You could wear any of these pieces to an underground party and then head off to dinner with your mother. I love that.

I'm told these pieces are available at Opening Ceremony, both at New York and Los Angeles.