May 31, 2007

I should be concentrating on my studies. Orchestra concert tomorrow at 7:00. Be there or be square.

If you want to see what children can do, you must stop giving them things.
-Norman Douglas

My current best friend.

May 30, 2007

Dazed and Confused.

Just came back from Pinkberry. Regular medium with raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

Saw Jenniferawrrr there as well with her sister. Today was tiring. I swear I was moving 24/7 today at school even during lunch. I had to meet with my counselor, turn in apps, etc. Next year's schedule's looking tough. Adv orchestra, Calculus BC AP, Biology 2AP, Chemistry 2AP, US History AP, French 3 Honors, English 3 Honors, and Scientific Research. Augh, and the summer assignment for US History AP's gay.
Anyways, I hate talking about school. Conditioning today was funfunfun as usual cause I love my girls. And some of the guys. Hah. My cat just joined me on the bed.

Yesssir that's my gorgeous Nathan at the vet's. Yeahyeahyeah. Guess who I get to hang with on Sunday. The amazing Lauren. Although she only lives minutes away in Torrance, I never see her face. That's why we're crashing a party or two on Sunday together. Hah. Jk. We'd never do such a thing. Anywhoo.

Lauren, June, and Amy @ Homecoming `06 seems like forever ago. but it was actually this school year. Didn't we have fun. Especially at my house before& after and of course the dance was amazing as usual.
Lalala. That's it for now. I shall update if something significant happens in my life in the next 7 hours remaining in the day. Ciao, bella.

May 29, 2007

The Rising

Zero period today. Waking up is a bitch. Put some clothes on and quick breakfast and out I go. School was uneventful as usual. Hot, then cold. Horrible classes. After school had violin lessson. Then rushed to a party. Lots of food and fun. And some crazy things. Then orchestra rehersal. Boring as heck. I miss (insert word of choice). I'm counting the days.

Jil Sander is amazing.

Philip Lim as well.

Ahh. I'm dreaming of this. Returning to the Ritz in Paris. Je veux aller maitenant.

Hope is tomorrow's veneer over today's disappointment.
-Evan Esar
Some ghetto amabulous and ho jacking love. From the mean streets of San Francisco.

Photoshop love.


May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Stints

Woke up around 9ishh and took a shower. Wore my Miss Sixty pair of skinnies and, a yellow tunic from Anthropologie, a pink Juicy Couture shirt, wine red cardigan from Free People, and Marc by Marc Jacobs flats. Oh, and my tortoise shell reading glasses from Urban Outfitters and a button thread necklace from my label Alfalfa Queen&Co.
Quick breakfast and took off for Seal Beach. Hung around there for like 2 hours and then hit the road again for Costa Mesa's amazing South Coast Plaza. Which was a treat since I hadn't been there for a couple months. Not too many people which was good, but also not many stores with good sales. Didn't look around in too many stores, but just the basics, like Ron Herman, Saks Fifth, Ralph Lauren, H&M, and Barneys Co-Op. All I ended up getting was a pair of jeans from Barneys. I'd been looking for a pair of skinny stonewashed jeans for a long time so I was kinda happy. They're from this obscure brand called Cheap Monday headed by some Swedish designers. With reasonable price and style, I snatched them before someone else.

Also at Barneys Co-Op were some amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim dresses and Diane von Furstenberg blouses. Stopped by Tory Burch's store and got to look at some amazing tank tops and sweaters.
On the way home, I thumbed through the Jil Sander Womens Spring 2007 collection catalogue while sipping a double chocolate light frap. Which made me sick [the drink, not Sander's collection]. What a productive day.