May 29, 2007

The Rising

Zero period today. Waking up is a bitch. Put some clothes on and quick breakfast and out I go. School was uneventful as usual. Hot, then cold. Horrible classes. After school had violin lessson. Then rushed to a party. Lots of food and fun. And some crazy things. Then orchestra rehersal. Boring as heck. I miss (insert word of choice). I'm counting the days.

Jil Sander is amazing.

Philip Lim as well.

Ahh. I'm dreaming of this. Returning to the Ritz in Paris. Je veux aller maitenant.

Hope is tomorrow's veneer over today's disappointment.
-Evan Esar
Some ghetto amabulous and ho jacking love. From the mean streets of San Francisco.

Photoshop love.



jackie ♥ said...

love the violet-blue-cream philip dress.

i love that color blue/violet?

Amy said...

Yess its gorgeous!
All his stuff is gorgeous (:
Can't wait to read your posts!

jackie ♥ said...

ohh mine is


Amy said...

ahh some setting
doesnt let me post comments on yours
but that doesnt stop me from adding yours to my links!

jackie ♥ said...

i like the pic of us about to jump. hahaha.

yes. mean streets indeed.

ahh yes. photoshop=love.

god bless the makers of photoshop.

asdfasdkjh yeah my blog wont let comments work. idk why. ill figure it out later :)

l4t4 f00l.B)

Amy said...